• PROGRESSIVE SPRINGS for front forks Completed install took it for a spin...

    PROGRESSIVE SPRINGS for front forks. Completed install, took it for a spin, initial thoughts:

    - front sits higher due to more preload of springs

    - feels more accurate/predictable if that makes sense

    - compression and rebound dampening feels great ( used 10w Lucas fork oil) subsequently the rear feels too squishy now)

    - install was not bad if you have decent mechanical skills, taking caps off and loosening axle bolt toughest challanges

    - excellent mod reward for $87 $20 for 3 bottles of oil.

    Thanks Jim Renda for the Ebay add and heckling.

    • How do they hold up in the twisties?

    • Now you need to cure your squishy rear end. AIR RIDE

    • Bro, I live on flat land so could not say, but speculating, the front being more stable, I would say considerable improvement.

      I'll test at VRA EAST rally!

    • This is were the diff will be most noticeable. If and when you hit some bumps or tore up road in a corner it will feel sure footed and stable. I installed 1" lower springs on mine and went with a mix of 15 and 10w oil to be roughly 12,5

    • That's what I want on mine but I'm not sure what to buy or where.

    • Airfx makes a shock and compressor for the beast. Available through phatperformance. Expensive though

    • Or just a good workout routine! Haha

    • 3 Bottles of oil and not 2??

    • 16 oz per bottle, each fork takes 17.4-18

    • Stephen....I guess I have always seen and bought fork oil in 32 oz/1 quart bottles