Progress continues Back Wheel back on now Callipers to refit tomorrow then...

Progress continues. Back Wheel back on now. Callipers to refit tomorrow then onto prepping that fairing for painting!!! Hands and wrists are gunna take a hammering for sure. Hoping the mouse sander should make the job less painful.

Q) does anybody know of any other mirrors that are compatible with ZZR1100 D?

  • Looking proper good Aaron!

  • Nice!!!

  • Cheers mate, getting there. I have realised that it can be very easy to develop an OCD approach when rebuilding. I have bought a HID conversion, do you have one Pat? Are they difficult to fit?

  • Zzr600 mirrors are the same

  • Nice finish looks good!!

  • Zzr1400 i had some on my d7 they stick out a bit further than standard ones better vision behind

  • Thanks Peter. I will look into it.

  • Hi Aaron, no didn't go for the conversion, working on getting the bike back to standard (except for the brakes of course) (oh and the cans will have to wait until next Winter) love my 6 pots! But yours is a great project in progress, good luck with it..

  • Hey Christian, good to hear from you, glad you're still around and abouts (y) That looks good

  • Cheers Pat. Just the fairing now. Going to go for the satin black with very subtle red decals. I will keep updating as I go.

  • is it a straight swop or do you need to do some modding

  • HID'S no problems buy a car set they work out at around £25 bulb type H4 with high beam built in .

    Hard part getting it to fit under front fairing but I have 1 fitted ill try to post a link from eBay.

  • The bases on zzr600s are different to the d but you can swap the tops over