Problems with my Kawasaki 6R

Problems with my Kawasaki 6R

As soon as I put it on first it would turn off. Is like the bike still has the stand down. Is this something expensive or hard to fix??

  • Hi Nancy,

    Does the stand feel loose or hang down at all when you flick it up?

    If the return spring that holds the stand up is tired and no longer strong enough to hold it all the way up then this will cause the switch to stop the engine.


  • Hola nanci, te puedo ayudar?

  • can you rev it in neutral or does it seem spotty?

  • Hey guys, thanks for your reply. We found out we have a mouse in our garage. Ate the wires on my bike and we had to replace it. I will kill it as soon as I find it.

  • A Mouse? Wow, haven't heard that one. We usually keep the bike in the garage to keep it safe. That is some bad luck.

  • a mouse? of course kill the damn thing...I have a theory with my bike which i would love to get on a sticker"If you value you life half as much as I value my bike, dont even think bout touching it!" I said this to a friend and he tried to pretend to touch it, and being who i am, i had him on the ground in an arrest position lol.

  • All that happened when I got rid of the snake living in my garage. I would rather have the snake.