• Problem getting front sprocket nut undone. Not me

    Problem getting front sprocket nut undone? Not me ;)

    • The original sprocket was a pig! I Remember it well. I just let the air pressure build up and about 6/7bar she whizzes off nicely.

    • Job doneth. Just wait now for new sooper dooper new did chain and sprockets. Tis weird here, my lad normally home but his first day all day at nursery, im home alone rest of the week! Amazing what you can get done..

    • Did you put a new tab washer on?

      Me personally I don't re use the old 1.

    • Nope. Waiting for new chain and sprockets. Money is tight so.. Old one is fine. Be sornd if it fails mot in june. Just cba anymore. Be having a bike break. No job, mrs wont pay for parts

      /running costs so... Be having a break till i find a job of my own. Just not worth the arguments.

    • Do you drive a car Ian you could work as a driver for dominos money in hand then after a few weeks leave it

    • I do but live in the sticks mate! Gonna have a chat with mrs tonight when kids in bed. I left work as it was best for us and our children with me being at home, rather than working to pay a childminder, which we have done before. Thing is job centre don't want to know, have to rely on wifes wage for oarts etc. So its not really fair if it impacts our family expenditure. Cant work full time until sept. Lad is at home all day mon n tues. we have to pay £48 a month for one 3 hour session. Then in sept just breakfast clubs and after school clubs. Either way, working parents get hammered!

    • Yea I know and the rent food ele heating and school dinners it cist to much you need to be on 11 pounds an hour to live or do the double to live

    • Mortgage, etc etc. Makes a mockery of working. Luckiky mrs is a teacher. Im continuing with my late journey on my degree with open uni. (2nd year study) hooe to get a decent job at the end of it, or during! Few years to go yet, part time.

    • What you learning

    • BSc Open degree (was on a BEng but switched) too many hoops to jump). Mainly design engineering/Technology/maths modules.