Praise the Lord. Amen. Hallelujah

Praise the Lord... Amen... Hallelujah!

Pirelli Angel GT

  • I like the corners as well... I hope they perform well

  • I was pushing about 140km (87mi) in a mountain range and tightened up at the tail of the corner, I leaned in thinking nothing of it and the back let go

  • I wonder if the pirelli is the same as the metzeler..

  • Beautiful.

  • So hard to get on rrrr lots of grease plastic rim protectors beautiful

  • My neighbor just put these on his 1000 and loves them!

  • Mine came new with metzlers and wore fast, put the Pirelli super sports on and seem to wear and hold good in the twisties. Think I'll stay away from metzlers.

  • After you run them for a while Marcus give me an update how they hold out on the zx. Might run those next

  • Shall do

  • Thanks bud!

  • I bought the M7RR to replace the stock M5's.. so far, so good.

  • My favorite tire model

  • They are really good for rain , but take a while to heat up.