Post photos of your zzr s folks. Let s celebrate this beautiful motorcycle

Post photos of your zzr's folks. Let's celebrate this beautiful motorcycle.

  • Su loca Antonio Fernández García.

  • On ice and little snow, at 90 kph... If there is more snow, then 30 kph, because the motorcycle is heavy.. But zzr1400 is the best.. :P

  • Antonio, you are the best!

  • What are those tyres Antonio Fernández García? respect btw

  • Winter tyres..Continental TKC 80.. 180/55R17 & 120/70R17 with this studs

  • Andrey Kotov.. No the best.. Only a biker like all ;-)

  • Waiting for spring in sweden,going really slow and struggle a lot

  • Ready for summer

  • Till summer?? :-(