Possibly a dumb question Right now im at 20k km on this chain When the chain...

Possibly a dumb question. Right now im at 20k km on this chain. When the chain is stretched to a point, can you remove a link to prolong its use assuming is wearing evenly?

  • no problem a that point

  • Just tighten it a bit if you think it needs it, plenty more room there.

  • Fair enough. But to the main question. When it does get to the end point of adjusting, can a link be removed to prolong its use?

  • As your chain stretches it starts to wear your sprockets. If it's stretched enough to remove a link and move your adjusters, you are probably already wearing your sprockets pretty bad and will need a new chain and sprockets.

  • Of course you can, the real question is should you. The service limit for the chain is 323 mm measured over 20 links. That is time to replace the chain (and probably sprockets) according to the service manual

  • You can; but you won't. It will be worn out, and you will replace it. When you cut it off, you'll hold it on edge, and see how it droops, unlike your new chain, which will stand almost flat.

  • Devin, replace the chain, stretch an elastic band to far & see what happens, its the same for the chain

  • I would not continue using a chain that has stretched that far. Adjust to the limit and then put in a lovely new chain with a pair of sprockets...give her a bit of love man.

    Also, whilst you're changing the sprockets I recommend moving to a 17t front sprocket. Makes the speedo accurate and gives you lower revs at higher speeds whilst helping keep the front wheel down.

  • 16 tooth not 17t as a 17 does not fit properly at the front. 15t is std

  • Richard Crosse oops...good correction

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