Popping out in the car today I passed Santa told you he was real he was...


Popping out in the car today, I passed Santa (told you he was real!), he was riding a motorbike (good man) followed by his Christmas hatted friend. Well done to whoever the guys were, it made me smile. :0)

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  • Too early... Probably an impersonator.. :B

  • Noooo don't say that! :0O

  • May be he was late to go to work and was speeding to the north pole, old lazy guy works once a year and can't be there on time!

  • He never works. He is just a distraction, getting all the attention, while the elves and gnomes do all the work!

  • Sounds like my boss !

  • Boss will be boss!

  • england stye

  • Santa is a crook..

  • So, not happy of your presents Jonathan?

  • I am. Total bliss. Santa has nothing to do with it. ;)