Pointing the way home


Pointing the way home....

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  • Hi Jack, when i see the picture i wish you that it is a long way home and enjoy. By the way what kind of bags do you use on your bike? Could you take a picture and post it? Viele Grüße Dirk

  • Hi Dirk... Thanks for your message ;) ... Indeed it often takes 45 kms to cover the10 km distance to the next village... :v The bags are British Army, brand new, sold by Silvermans. They are just awesome with lots of straps and pockets.

  • Hi Jack. Thx a lot! I'll try to get them here in Germany. And this tiny good looking mirror, how is the view back?

  • Better than any TV-screen like mirror atop the handlebar ! Convex mirror, so wide rear view. Doesn't vibrate. Perfect. I doubt you will find the panniers anywhere else than at Silvermans. But you can order online, they got very good service too.

  • Hi Jack! Great landscape you're riding in, is this by any chance your mirror http://www.wats-motor.com/product_info.php/cPath/3 3_45_156/products_id/1545?

  • Hi Dimitris... No this isn't. I found mine in an "all for one pound" bin at the Maidstone old Gericke store 3 years ago... ;)

  • That's a great image, Jack. Worthy of being the header for our W650 FB home page.

  • I lost hope though... :v

  • Have you been featured in any more moto mag articles that you haven't told us about? Centerfolds?

  • Ah ah !! Indeed there has been a picture in Classic Motorcycle Mechanics, to illustrate a technical question... :)

  • Cool!

  • I was an avid reader of Motorcycle Sport, for years. The one with the red cover with a black and white photo. I loved that mag because it seemed directed at the true motorcycle owner/enthusiast. The reviews would get into real-world stuff, like what it was like to change a bike's wheels. It was more content than style - the photos were, more often than not, crappy black and white snaps (no high-gloss spreads of flashy photos of drive-bys by California dudes doing wheelies). It was a rare magazine, in Montréal during the '70s and early '80s, so I had it reserved for me at a local mags and fags shop. Made me want to live in England, where all the coolest bikes were - Tritons, Dresdas, Laverdas, and the odd DiFazio, or wierd stuff like those early attempts at FF bikes. Miss that rag!

  • Funny you should mention that today... Look what I just got :v Close enough eh?

  • Bman Juang, do us a favour and make him happy again so we don't have to hear him whining anymore :-)

  • Centerfold? Is Jack going to do a "Burt Reynolds" on us?

  • NAH... we just have to wait the time of the month to pass

  • By then there'll hopefully be a better pic :-D

  • You guys are just jealous... :v

  • Bribes don't work, praise doesn't, and neither do threats... Bman won't bulge, he's his own man. So I'm thinking of creating my own FB group... "W650s with Black Rims". :v

  • True. Guilty as charged!

  • ;)

  • Better call it "W's and PlastiDip" :-P