This next one is too important NOT to pin at the top of our page as we could do with as many of us as possible seeing this one at least for a day or two.

I'd been attempting to get us some recognition. Firstly for the group and secondly for our run to the Ace Café. MSN no reply just yet, Kawasaki an e-mail reply, " we MIGHT be it touch". But I'm not near finished lobbying..... (is that a good word for harassing)? However, The Ace Café themselves have responded very positively. Please note the need for "an early" presence down there which is no problem to me only we had promised to get some little groups together for the ride down.

Here's the emails from the 'Ace' please let me have your thoughts. Cheers.

16th Feb.

Hello Pat,

Thanks for your below advice, what great news! We look forward to seeing these bikes at the cafe on Sunday 26th April.

Unless you advise me otherwise, there is no need for you to speak with anyone at Ace Cafe, just turn up on the day.

I certainly look forward to being there to take pictures and glean information from you and other ZZR1100 owners for inclusion in the quarterly Ace Cafe Club Newsletter – please ask for me.

If you have a dedicated FB page about coming to the cafe for Kawasaki Sunday, please send me the link and I can share it on our FB page.

17th Feb

Thought I'd ask the cheeky one:

I'm sure I know the answer "get there early"! is maybe the only answer but I don't know if you ever save spaces or are able to cordon off a good spot for visiting groups? Just thought I'd ask. We do intend to be with you quite early anyway.

18th Feb.

Hi Pat, Thanks for your reply. The short answer is to get there early to be honest, and if this is possible, there may be opportunity of saving the space along the “ramp” directly in front of the cafe’s windows for a line-up of ZZR1100’s, - We could probably make the marshal on the gate aware of this – However to do this, you do need to be early as I know that my husband Mark Wilsmore likes to fill the ramp from first thing - what do you think?

That was when I said I'd turn it over to you guys. Here's one photo of the spot we're talking about.

Happy decision making!

  • Where is it .. I've lost track of where we are posts wise

  • Also there are a couple of publication's that this would be up their street ..practical sports bike and maybe classic motorcycle mechanic .. I could email them if you want

  • Please do Al :-)

  • Anyone else given this some thought to at least get a few of us there early to at least 'bag' our space with the help of Linda Wilsmore?

  • I can be there anytime

  • Great, we're up to 2 of us....

  • I'll be there in spirit with ye lads.......

  • Anyone from Suffolk area going as would be great to ride up with someone.

  • Could do with a litle help on this one guys. I know I'm carying a few extra pounds at the moment but Al Randall and I can't fill space for 20 bikes on our own :-( - (I really hope most of you can make it, it'll make a great occassion)!! :-) And just planting seeds for 26th April, but we will need some help with another little mission on the day, and that is to meet Mišel Mikel at his hotel and bring him to the Ace. He'll be trying to locate within 1-2 miles of the place. He will have travelled from Hamburg to join us.

  • I will put in the diary and really try to get it on