Please help me what year my KX is I just can not identify this kind of...

Please help me : what year my KX is? I just can not identify this kind of says Made in Italy but nothing more...

  • That frame not a 500 frame at all.

  • That's 250 pipe orientation or cr 500 pipe used on a conversion

  • Frame number starts with KX500E, more charachters I can give later today. Tank fitting seems homemade to me, all others seems stock. Very interesting ;).

  • Yes that's a stock Kx 500 frame

  • This is .........a BIG MIX !!!!!!

  • Frankestein

  • ... there where build some hybrid KX500's in circa 1995 with KX250 rear end here in Austria by Horst Kaudela & Sigi Bauer .......

  • bike is/was in Hungary, so it is possible that it came from Austria many years ago.

  • Looks like a standard KX500 with '94 - '98 KX subframe with '93 RM tanks and shrouds.


  • Frame number is KX500E0105xx

  • I found some numbers and a TM sign in the tank.

  • O dear!!!

  • It makes sense, all plastics looks came from the same batch...hope I can find a new set from UFO...and definitely NOT in pink!! ;) :D

  • Ok man, that's a 1994 Kx 500

  • Thanks Stefano! :)