Please explain this to me I don t understand And second thing my fuel gauge...

Please explain this to me, I don.t understand. And second thing, my fuel gauge is quite crazy: it indicates for ex 1 line, i fuel it up and the quantity is around 10 liters - it should have been 3/4 from reservoir capacity (at least 15 liters), right?

Please enlighten me - do you fuel your moto on the kick stand or in vertical position?

Thanks a lot

  • I always fuel while sitting on the bike in the upright position. These bikes hold 5.5 gallons. I have no idea how many liters that is but it has 5 bars on the dash and I just count it as a gallon per line. Example, if I have 2 bars left on dash I know I have a little more than 2 gallons left in tank. I haven't had any issues with it not reading correctly. I have an 04

  • Thanks, Steve! Mine is an 08. Thing is that the bars go out quite quick and, with only one left, if I refuel, it doesn't "need" more that 10 liters (around 2,6 gallons). I don't understand. Maybe I should go on until the light for low fuel lights up and then refuel...

  • My fuel gauge has quit working twice on me. Had it fixed under warranty once. Now I just wait till the light comes on around 180 miles give or take.

  • anyway, it's a bit crazy. I will try refueling on the kick stand as they say in the manual (supposing that "motorcycle held horizontaly" means keeping it leveled and not on the kick stand)

  • Sounds like you need a new fuel sending unit. It's inside the tank.

  • Maybe so, but first i want to test it by going until the light for low fuel goes on, the refuel and check how many liters enter...

  • The low fuel light and the bars have nothing to do with each other. The last bar never goes out. You have about 20 miles left when the low fuel light comes on until it's completely empty.

  • Good to know... I will squeze the last drop of fuel before refueling

  • I've hit 200 miles a time or two.

  • You were certainly pushing your

  • i think (hope) i've got it - fueled it on the sde stand - got 15 liters having the light on. Now let's see the range