Please advise if you experienced the same problem Stripped bottom fairings etc...


Please advise if you experienced the same problem. Stripped bottom fairings etc and did a deep clean. Washed and polished. Assembled all. Now bike dont start. Swings but no start.

%d comments
  • Don't think it will turn over with sidestand down...says it turns over

  • It turns over. All swiches checked bypassed still nothing. Disconnected power commander. Will get new plugs in the morning

  • Undo the plug from coil, measure if any voltage,if no,the problems are on ty powersuplay side.

  • Bet you won't pressure wash it again.....

  • Forgot the vehicle down fingy.....its behind the screen if you cleaned there

  • Andrew Brassington can you detail please

  • Take the screen off and it's the small relay looking thing that is actually a switch to kill the engine when you drop the bike...water across that switch will kill the ht... The fatter thing is the immobiliser reset vehicle down the ignition has to be turned off and back on btw

  • Thank you all. Will follow up all the advise and feedback.