Plate relocation yes no maybe so


Plate relocation yes no maybe so

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  • Same here..

  • Yes

  • Or slightly modded.


  • Def like that curved look better

  • How far bellow the fender does it hang? Also how many tires do you put on the back,because you will probably have to remove it every time. But yes nice look

  • Wow very beutiful machine Lasse Alvebris Fd Kauko Nice work you win

  • Just 2 bolts to take it off i go thru 2 tires a season on the rear.

  • Jim Renda , thanks! :)

  • Nice

  • They do eat some rubber, these torqie beasts..

  • Wow!

  • Care to share what trunk, bags, exhaust and whatever else you got? Or wanna share? Gorgeous

  • Love the paint too! My monies won't take me that far!

  • Bags are from a VN1500 nomad, and the exhaust is half stock, half custombuilt to get them low..

  • Really like that