Picked this cracker up this morning


Picked this cracker up this morning

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  • How is it mate... Did you sort out your insurance.

  • Its nice mate. Bloody hard to keep it under 4k revs tho . Bet you cant waite to get yours . Had to go with kawasaki's own ins as no one else had the model listed yet cost extra 40 over the others but at least i know its right.

  • Yeah I suppose that is the main thing, knowing your insurance is correct. The days seem to be dragging for me. Is it not over 4k revs for first 500 miles.

  • Haven't had time to read book yet but think it's till 1st service at 600 m . I was surprised how nice it sounds and hasn't taken baffle out yet . Only slight niggle theres not enough under seat storage after the tool kit no room even for disc lock

  • Nice,

  • How are you finding it with out a screen! Felt I was getting battered by the wind I did!

  • Was a bit windy. may look for a screen that goes on and of quickly prefer the look with out better thers a few differant in ebay .

  • I put 1 on and never looked back lol!

  • Scott John is that the puig screen.

  • Looks like the puig screen Neil. I think I prefer the one Kawasaki do for it . The both soften the look to much for me tho. Going to get a stone guard for the radiator looks a bit prone

  • Yes mate that it!

  • Absolute beauty

  • Very nice machine

  • Your very welcome mate if you cut my arm off it says Kawasaki through my left arm, and the number 46 through my right arm that is one sweet machine