Photos from Zackary Ball's post

To the owner of this bike in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada... if you're in this group or if you aren't, I still want to give you props on your bike! I was looking at her and by the way you have her done up, she is a gorgeous motorcycle my friend! many people were stopping to take a second look at her, props to ya!

  • that is lush...borrowed

  • Joseph Charles .., if you manage to contact the owner would you direct them to the group?

  • Not sure who the owner is, but I'll tell him about this group if I see him around. Zackary Ball you see that in Dartmouth Crossing?

  • Joseph Charles, yes sir! I seen her in front of Woody's Bar-B-Q in Dartmouth Crossing just over an hour ago!

  • Cheers Joseph Charles .., I sent him an invite into the group :-)

  • If its in Canada then Allan MacDonald will buy it for sure ;-)

  • Although he may have to divorce Dianne Savoie Macdonald first :-o

  • I don't think so. Not a fan of custom paint jobs like that. That would be the first thing to go.

  • Boa em ! Kkk