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.#FirstRideWit hGiviTreekerOutback42l

  • Bro... your rim is aftermarket? I finding it!

  • Just one Q = if that feul can full is it not taking traction off the front tyre. Asking because I want to carry extra fuel on my KLE????

  • The rim from germany behrr..

  • No is not..the traction is no problem

  • Kay thanks how much weight do you guys load on Topback box. I am now aiming to put bigger box and a 20 liter jerry can.

  • My problem is I always end up in big bush far faaaar aways from civlisation. For 2 or 3 weeks at a time

  • For top box is better not too heavy, i only put 10kg box..the jerry ccan better put side box if u have it..