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What do u guys thinks about the scratch on the cilinder near the exhaust, should i bored it or no.

I just removed the head of my kx 500 99 to intall a decompresion valve when i notice this.

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  • As the plating continues to wear it will embed itself in everything including your KIPS. Parts are getting scarce for these bikes and running a part after it has reached its service life and or has failed is no way to conduct proper maintenance.

  • A ring could catch that edge and fold over then you're totally into a deeper bore and replate. I would not run this at all

  • That cylinder is fucked I can't believe he would risk it anybody should know that

  • Question 1: What does a new set of cases cost? Question 2. What does a new crank cost? Question 3. What does a cylinder and head cost? Watch what happens to your wallet when you run a badly worn, out of spec cylinder, and you munch a piston into your cases, head, cylinder, and crank... It does make a cool sound though... My point is... get it plated BEFORE it blows... Or whatever :-)

  • ...the general mentality on this page kinda gets aggravating. One half of the group is constantly trying to dismantle these machines and the other half are stroking their ego by getting one and then complaining about too much compression at the same time, looking for more power.

  • Plating is gone kiddo

  • "This machine is not for the general public" hahaha that needs to be s sticker

  • If everything is new in that engine, replate the cylinder and put a new piston and you're ready to rock. I don't knew that the engine was rebuild, and that's why i said to run it till the bike stops. Never put a new cilinder in an engine that you don't know the hours of the connecting rod or were the connecting rod have many hours. In that cases you should replace the connecting rod and main bearings to.

  • Don't run it

  • Mine was WAY worse and the bike started easy and ran like a striped ape, it's getting plated and new Wossner piston now. I'm a little worried about how it's gonna run now.

  • Will send it here

  • Think you're on borrowed time already. Replate

  • Yes sir