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Bike was stolen at 00-45 on 31/03/17, used a silent angle grinder and took under a minute , 2 guys dressed in black ,no surprise there and spotted by a neighbour but too late to do anything, absolutely raging now

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  • That's terrible news mate nothing is safe these days if they want something they will take it. Hope your insurance pays out without any probs.

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  • Invest in a gun and a fucking big dog

  • Or rent a storage garage off the council lol

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  • I am sympathetic and understanding and i hope the scum bags get shot but.. why would you leave a bike like that 3 floors out where you cant hear anything, reliant on a shitty £30-60 oxford anchor lock? Its just odd in my eyes? Im actually pissed off at you not the thiefs

  • Thanks for the input above,if I could've got my bike in a lift I more than likely would have,living in London it's very difficult to find a storage unit,defeats the object of me having a bike,lesson shall be learnt here and no matter what my bike security was or wasn't , most people know, when someone wants what is yours they will take it by what ever means they want, the people who took the bike as they will run out of luck at some point,almost did last night and it would've been a blood bath so I'm glad that never actually happened as I for one would more than likely be the one that could be lying in a cell for quite a long time as I'm not one for muggy fuckers

  • And if your aware living in london and the common thefts of expensive bikes you shpulda brought a rough bike with a sound engine under 1k and the likely hood of it being targeted is alot slimmer

  • I've never looked into the worrying over if and when someone should want to steal my bike,or my car,should I put bars on my windows and employ a security guard while I sleep just in case some toe rag fancies nicking the wall paper out my yard,let's drop this one out Junior as we've now got to the end of this thread,I pay my insurance and I done what I could to protect my property

  • No but having 10k plus stolen or 1k stolen i no which one would piss me off more lol

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  • I was doing the movement with my hand since reading ready to make up

  • William van Lierop it is horrible when your the victim of a theft, don't matter the cost of the bike.. that was your pride and joy. Your right however, if they really wanted it nothing would have stopped them. But Nick also has a point, if that was my bike sitting out in the street in London I would have nothing but the best protection on it. First on the list would be a tracker. Then those alarm disc locks are very good, they don't like screaming noise when they are trying to lift a bike. Then something like the mammoth thatcham approved chain.. only £60

  • I've taken time to consider all of this and when I do go to purchase a new bike I shall have all the bells and whistles fitted , I was advised by many prior to this about would I have my bike back if it was found in parts as even with a tracker it would be in bits in hours of being stolen, I could have had better chains , but carrying them around doesn't look fun on top of wet gear in a rucksack etc,for the time being I'm going to pause and take a breather,thanks and happy biking