Photos from Walter Wallace's post

Productive day casings all blasted all cracks repaired casings painted new power valves made and installed now working like a Swiss watch time to build it all back up

  • we took a shot in the dark and made them with 7075 aluminum bar heres hoping they will work ok with that type of material.

  • have you actually used them yet? looks like ya's did a good job

  • no havent been used yet will be final building the motor and installing it hoefully ready next weekend.

  • Those power valves look great. Let us know if they work and if you're interested in making more!

  • .

  • I know I definitely be interested in a few sets of power valves

  • Going to try them first if they are successful will consider doing a batch of 10 each

  • Keep us posted and thank you

  • Will keep you posted I have now received the manufacturing drawings and CNC program so once I trial the new one I will give some feed back

  • Did you say you made these off of a badly worn set?

  • The drawings were made from a good set of used valves that were removed from a good working engine.

  • Nice work man. Please keep us posted!