Photos from Vaughan Samaniego's post

86mm piston. 60$ shipped. Came out of an 01'. Has some wear down the intake side due to someone trying to start it with a damaged cylinder. Looks as if no run time. They most likely couldnt get the bike started after putting a new piston in and then realized the cylinder damage. I came to this conclusion after I bought the bike and tore it down. The bike is being parted out.

  • so you bought this piston, just a little unclear what's going on here Vaughan

  • I'll follow your posts Vaughn. I have a 2000. Always looking for stuff. Thx

  • I bought a whole bike. This is how it came. I can only guess the scenarios that I stated. I'm parting the whole bike out.

  • oic, splitting it?

  • The cases? Yes

  • so what's for sale then mate loads of goodies

  • Everything I have left. All motor components and frame is whats left

  • do you have any pictures Vaughan?

  • Only pic in my phone right now as I'm at work. Like I said the cylinder is damaged and needs to be re-plated. Left side case needs repair on the clutch cable shaft housing. The chain busted it.