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Realized I did not have an Allen wrench this size today. So for all off the cheapskate people just find a couple nuts and bolts and make your own. You don't necessarily have to weld you can double nut a bolt and achieve the same thing.

  • I didn't feel like leaving, but if you're in a pinch what I did worked great. May invest in one of those for future use though.

  • 5/8 spark plug socket put in backwards then put an extension down the middle of it. Works everytime.

  • I made a set with big bolts. Then ordered a set later. Sad when Napa, and others didn't even have one.

  • Just checked and there is a tool in the tool bag for it lol

  • http://www.motorcycle-supersto axle-tool

    I've had mine for years so I guess they went up in price a little.

  • Did this for my dirtbike.

  • for the price not worth not having it...

  • Multi tool

  • Before I bought the actual tool for the axle bolt. I used a spark plug socket backwards with an extension through it.