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Hire bike while mine is fixed

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  • Enjoy the ride as soon as i find out where next years world of kawasaki event is takin place ill post brilliant day out all free to ride any of the kawasaki range

  • I was going to the World of Kawasaki in 2014 at Donnington but something came up so couldn't go wouldn't mind it though sounds good

  • That sounds cool, with exception of the versys which isn't my cup of tea don't think any manufacturer has a better looking range of bikes

  • Your lucky, for my hire bike a had a Honda CB1000 , boring as hell !

  • Last one I had was a 1250 bandit that was ok too

  • Your lucky, I ain't got one #bikelesswonder

  • Nice bike but no substitute for the 1400 in my opinion. My girlfriend loves her z1000 sx though - seen in pic...

  • Test rode one 2up, not fast enough, so bought a ZZR!

  • Just got back from a ride and while I thought it was OK it was a little cosy with the wife on the back cannot wait now for the return of the 1400

  • Just found out that a part for mine is out of stock and has to be sent from Japan so could be about 3 weeks. Hire bike is coming back tomorrow. Had to send it back when I went to Spain.