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My two bikes....

1990 kx 500 ,and a 2004 husaberg 450.fe..

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  • Excellent choices!

  • That 500 looks amazing

  • Here's my 3

    2010 Yz 250 - yellow

    1987 kx500

    2004 yz144

  • That's out of bounds!!

  • 3 bikes!!....just ain't fair!! Lol

  • two bikes is enough

  • Hahaha one for every occasion from tight to open tracks

  • Not sure what to do with the 500..I live on the isle-of-man and mx tracks here are crap!..husaberg was bought just to to the green lanes on coz they are really good here..

    Back to the 500..I'd like to do it up,proper mint,then maybe take it over to England and do some practice tracks with it..Preston docks is really good,it's just a shame that we have no wide open spaces here in the iom,there all tight tracks with loads of jumps on them!going to see a stubble field next week,farmer recons you can get all around 2 fields flat so fingers crossed!!

  • Yeah the TT is really something else!!you never been?

  • Your always welcome here.!!

  • I have 4 bikes. '99 ZRX1100, '91 KX500, my Dad's old '76 Honda MR250 Elsinore, and my recently restored '00 Arctic Cat 500 4x4 ATV. And I have room for several more!

  • Michi Kay If you come to the states we'll take you out woods riding!

  • Love the ZRX...

  • Michael thank you sir! My KX500 for the street!

  • let the good times roll...