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My new bike ZZR1400 2015 :-)

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  • I need new tyres. I want hard luggage to accompany my top box, bar risers and a gel seat.

    The ECU flash is going to have to wait till the credit cards stopped smoking :)

  • Need someone to fix those slabs I think. Lol

  • Cracking bike mate. Nothing like going straight to the top.

  • Started on a zz6r Gary Clark in2012 then 9month in changed to a gsxr1000 k6 it was crazy fast then only went to have a look came out same day with it lol

  • Gixxer was a good bike. K5 was the best. Big beast the ZZR compared to it. Takes a bit of moving around in tight corners but nothing to match it.

  • Goin to have the suspension set up for my wight Gary Clark made a massive difference to my gsxr

  • Yep, makes massive difference to the handling. Only had mine a week so not got round to doing a decent run to see what the settings are like just now. It will need changed because I'm 6 ft 4 and weigh 21st 10. Might put spring leafs on it. Lol

  • Lol

  • Looks amazing..... Sir

  • Snygg

  • super fed s

  • very very nice mate!!!

  • Very nice bike. What are the details of the custom seat? It looks very comfy.