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I was doing some regular maintenance on my '09 tonight and thought I'd clean and polish the header pipes. I know it doesn't serve a purpose other than looks, but I think it looks pretty sharp. Just some polish, steel wool, and elbow grease.

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  • I am inspired to do this too! Thanks for showing it is worth trying.

  • It takes quite a bit of elbow grease, but it's worth it. You'll get your hands filthy.

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  • Nice job

  • Dang! Looks like new!

  • How long it will takes?

  • And now that you have practised well, you can come do mine :)

  • Did mine 9 weeks ago it's back to rusty Iook again now I due them again soon when I get a free 4hr lol

  • 4h??? :O That's probably why I never got to do mine properly. (don't tell anyone!)

  • Amazing good job

  • Four hours? Wow. It only took me about 30 minutes. Maybe your headers were a lot more dirty/rusty than mine were.

  • It took me about 30 minutes. Definitely got an arm workout, though.

  • enduro çamurdur, pırıp pırıl motor isteniyorsa chopper/cruiser binmeli

  • But... How...?! That is... Waaoow!

  • It depends. To get them perfect you should put them on a lathe. Hand power works though. If you just want a simple buff up. Finest wool only. If your removing thick rust start low grit go up :)