Photos from Tim Duguay's post

Looking to sell my Saddlemen Profiler seat, fits all years of V2K.

Will ship only to the Continental U.S. Not one thing wrong with it, still looks new. Here's pics of it on the bike.

I want $125, which includes shipping.

Here's the info from the Saddlemen site: ler-seat-vn-vulcan-series-kawa saki-3

  • Nick, the seat was similar to stock in height, but due to shape, it acts/feels lower.

    The batwing is a Tsukayu, I bought it used from another forum, & I will never buy one of their fairings again, just not worth it, if you pay full price.

    There's better out there, go Reckless.

    I'm a sportbike guy, & that CT was ditched, not long after I installed it. I'm looking for a certain feel, & the CT doesn't give it to me...I went back to regular MC tire.

  • Thanx Tim, it good to know all that. I was just checking out Tsukayu batwings last night and thought one of those is the answer. Looks like I will check out Reckless. My Mustang seat feels like it puches me to far forward and leaves less room for my legs so I need to find a cure.

  • Nick, yeah, that's typical of Mustang seats, pushing you forward.

  • Didn't know that until the other day. Just bought me an 06 Classic LT with Mustang and factory, so need to figure out my best deal for the money. Checking out reckless right now. Thanx

  • That's what I had, then changed it, since I toured a lot with it. I owned it 9 years, traded it for a Yam/Star Strat D...liked the Strat D a lot better, but it met its demise 3 months into ownership.

  • Are those corbin beetle bags

  • Dave, yes.

  • Are they big

  • I stuffed a lot in them, for my 3 week tours.

  • Big is an understatement I can haul everything I need for a month with my beetle bags