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  • Can I use the same cables with lower bars?

  • Yes... they will protrude forward a little bit more but nothing embarrassing... I opted for rental ultra low bars... perfect but be aware... the original handlebars have two sizes: 22 mm in the grip area, and 27,5 in the rest, so you will need shims on 4 places...

  • Thanks the bars need to be 22mm and shimmed up where it clamps to the forks?

  • I have a Tomasselli handelbar. The cables are the same but the electricity cables had been shortened.

  • Yup... that is... if you want to keep the grips and all the other controls... ;)

  • It's the forks and the other controls that will need a shim (4 in total)... only the grip is 22..

  • I will highly recommend to replace the cables and brakeline also. The original ones are way too long. There is an OEM low handle bar kit available from a webshop in Germany for €199. I bought mine from this shop, and can recommend their services. See

    You'll find the handlebar kit on subpage "tourist", half way down on the page. Good luck with the modification

  • Thanks everyone...Mr Kawasaki didn't make it easy did he!

  • I switched my bars to a one-inch rise "Superbike" bar that I had on my '75 Z1. I rerouted the cables, with no problems (no excessive bends). Simply a matter of drilling a hole for the throttle pin. Cut off an inch from the ends of the bar. POC!

  • Exactly... There is no need to change the cables to shorter ones if you route them properly.