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    Daughter tring out the back seat with the luggage on. Next stop j&s to get her kitted out for a big trip this Easter.

    • I'm going to get her cheep boots and trousers and spend a wee bit more or jacket and lid. I'm hopping my youngest daughter will take to the bikes to and then she'll get the use out them.

    • Nice luggage Tam ,makes me feel a bit better seeing the height your back box sits at as I thought mines was high but looks very similar to yours.

      Where's the big trip ?

    • Going to do a wee run round Scotland. I live in the central belt so a run up the west coast and an over night at Skye then across the caringorms and with an over night or two then an over night on the east coast Aberdeen probably then home.

      It's not a massive run but it's the first time she's been on the bike for any length of time and she's never camped before.

    • Sounds good done something similar previously, went to applecross/ torridon then Durness then down to Inverness and back through glenshee done about 900 miles and stayed in youth hostels was brilliant have a good one

    • Ahh bless her I think this is an awesome thing to do, can't beat a bit of father/daughter time mate, I'm sure she will love it as will you

    • We started a woodwork class together end of 2015. The workshop in the back of the pic was for me to work on bikes etc. Now it's full of table saws, routers and other stuff. She 13 I asked her what she wanted for Xmas 2016 she said a wood turning laith. Now what was a clinically clean workshop is now covered in 2inch sawdust

    • I thought it sat quit high too. Compared with the sports rack and box on my zx9rb1 it's not any higher than my shoulders when I'm on the bike so don't think it will buffer much in the wind. I'm taking it out a ride with all the trimmings tomorrow so I'll let you know

    • Haha well at least she's doing something interesting & constructive, unlike most other kids of her age mate

    • That's mine!

    • Looks about the same