Photos from Steven Naylor's post

From this to this

  • It's an abba stand Andrew Coombs n eBay m8

  • Nice I want a full system on mine but after spending a fair bit on mine recently it's on the back burner until the heat dies down!

  • That came on eBay Gary Spud Taylor for 300 buy now n I did

  • Thanks Steven Naylor

  • Ooooooh spot the difference

  • And your point is Lisa Boulton-Briggs??

  • No point at all.... Just making myself smile

  • Yep I got an ABBA stand for mine. Brilliant kit.

  • Di you need to change anything else when fitting the new exhaust. Is that for the standard map, or does it need to be changed to suit.?

  • Put map off Dyno site on PCv and running good, will Dyno soon