Photos from Steven Naylor's post

Wee run n wash after :)

  • Get em out!!!

  • Abit windy Mark Abbotts but dryish, first out since November

  • Loud enough in, sounds nice :)

  • Looks great in black

  • Philip Wynn it's not black, sapphire blue mate

  • Windy Steve? Yes mate it was but with the sun shining, dry roads and some new base layers I was all toastie warm:-)))

  • Still looks great in blue ;-) either way it's a zed a fantastic bike :-)

  • Always warm Mark Abbotts, but when the winds up in Scotland mate you'll know about it :)

  • Fantastic colour Philip Wynn, looks black till the light gets it, love it

  • I'm sure I will find out mate when I'm in fort William at Easter, hence the new base layers.