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Exhaust finally bit the dust last weekend so had to invest in new headers to go with the 1200 oem cans I've had in storage since Feb (yeah, I know they weigh a ton but I just don't like cans with straps).

The old system came off easy enough and it looks like the new 1200 headers from Black Widow are going to fit OK. At £255 delivered they're a deep dig into the ol' sky rocket but there's no denying the quality, superb!

There's a hose I was unaware of that needs sorting first, I'll let the pic do the talking;

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  • What a full ZZR1200 OEM?

  • Yes

  • Nicely done Dave, good nick too? Tell you what, don't answer that, I'm in too deep already, lol

  • If you haven't started it already they sound OK and I'm a big fan of the original look and they look like they should be on the 11.

  • Still waiting for antifreeze from Opie. Yeah, I love the look of the originals too, jury's still out on the 12 cans but only 'cos they appear slightly longer, I think it's that lack of of a step in size at the end of the can that gives that impression, they'll grow on me I'm sure. The 12 sounds nice and quiet so I'm hopefully expecting the same thing, but with the same induction roar that's so distinctive on the 11.

    Does the bike run any hotter with 12 cans?

  • I was concerned about that as apparently they have catalysts in them, not sure about that, but no its seems to go better.

  • Thanks for the feedback (y)

  • Dave, did you have any movement in the silencers after you fitted yours? The way the 11s original system is constructed, i.e. one solid piece front to back and then the RH silencer clamped under the sump is ideal for the way it's attached to the rear footrest hangers, but with the 1200 system I'm able to twist the cans slightly on both sides, as if the footrest rubbers are inadequate for the job now the system's in three parts.

  • No as it bolts straight through