Photos from Steve Payne's post


Quick ride and a wash but it's cold today.

Really need to get some pics with a real camera. Phone makes it look red :-(

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  • Didn't realise you were a local boy Steve! I stay on the NDR when I'm at work!

  • Cannington :-)

  • And you work at Riders I see... I keep meaning to go in there at some point, but I have to behave!!

  • Yes mate although I'm now at the Bristol branch.

  • Liking the riders logo, the bike looks awesome

  • It's a pity you are so far away, I'd love to take some pictures for you. That is one lovely bike. I might base mine on it

  • K or frame? Assume J....nice one...still look great after 20 odd years

  • Yep j model

  • Thought so...Nice