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Just got back from the easy rider event in chillicothe ohio, had a great time with 3 good friends. 2 of us left Friday and the other 2 met us down there. It was 95% harley of course. Saw a handful of very nice victories, one goldwing, a couple Buell, one suzuki...never saw a kaw...Everyone treated everyone great though. All my buddies have Harleys and I am leaning towards the dark side someday

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  • Some of those are really cool. Some, I just scratch my head and think "WTF????"

  • Yeah basically, if it has an engine and wheels you could find it here just about. Some ppl are plain crazy

  • So your leaning to getting a H/D Steve Miller

  • Sad but true my friend, I told my good friend he is a bad influence....pouring crown royal and southern comfort down my throat....taking me to harley

  • Hey, if you wanna spend 5x the money on 1/2 the bike...nobody's stopping ya. :-D

  • 5x? I'm not good at math might be stretching that. Plus they hold their value. My buddies 05 road king with bags and windshield has 65,000 miles and the kbb is 8,500. My 04 v2k with bags and windshield with 45,000 is worth 5

  • I was referring to "when new". :) My boss at work just spent $35,000 on a new HD. I could buy 5 of mine for that.

  • That's nuts, I certainly won't be buying new. Not even remotely new.

  • Then not worth buying it. I ny opion

  • Steve Miller Yeah you must have been Drunk Drinking Alcohol with Sheep will do that to ya' LOL Hey if that's what you need to do to fit in so be it i have no problem with H/D just in my opinion there not worth the asking price you pay a premium price for something that is less of or maybe equal to what i already have if H/D was not the big lie i may own one however the parts are made all over the world and put together here that is all hell Honda does that and Kawasaki use to.They still build there 4 wheelers and water craft and small engines in Lincoln Nebraska personally if i don't get a kawasaki next it will probably be a Vic or a Indian.

  • Steve Miller Steve my 06 V2K I can get 5500 high end for it the Value thing is Mute point when you pay more in the beginning it's all relative You really were listing to the B/S them guy's spew Re sale Value American made only reason you don't own one is you can't afford one Blah Blah Blah there I just said all the same things your drunk buddies told you last night LOL and if you don't get new you better close friends with the bare carr of the H/d world Look all bike have issues when it comes to H/D I just don't buy into the B/S besides who wants to pull up on the same Bike 90% of all bikers are riding is it because it's better ? Or do you just want to fit in?

  • Seriously, Are you still drunk?

  • I did drink tonight as well....hahahaha. seriously though they didn't spew anything on me last night. They weren't poking fun or anything. He told me to do what I felt was the best bike for me. I don't care about fitting in nor being an outcast. I'm me and I do what I want. I am happy with my v2k, very happy but I am not narrow minded enough to exclude ever owning a harley. I like the way they look and sound, and yes there is a different sound than the jap bikes. Who knows what the future holds, maybe I will get a bobber style harley for bar hopping and keep my v2k for traveling and longer hauls

  • Your banished go to your room and don't come out until you sober up LOL Steve you are correct i have no problem with a man getting what he wants and likes but when you said plus the resale value that's total bunk made up by the Harley Sheep to make themselves believe they did the right thing the market is flooded with used H/D and trust me there resale value if you consider price at purchase point is lower then the metrics now if your looking into a vintage bike then yeah but then again you see what the old H2 and Z1 Kawasaki's are going for.

  • I won't be buying new so resale value is a valid point. If I buy an $8,000 harley in 4 years it will be worth 7,500. If I buy a $6,000 v2k today in 4 years that bike is worth 4000...that's my point. But I am going to my room now until I get in my right mind

  • Steve Miller Your to easy I think Mike has picked on you far to long you need to find some new friends and kick that Mike guy to the curb. LOL

  • I agree, Mike needs pushed over his mountain with his v2k and his buick

  • Did you BUIIIIIIIIIIIIICK after all the drinking you did ? LOL

  • I did not, I actually never have puked after drinking.

  • Teddy Bettis so true

  • Jim Renda at least I'm not the one with 2 dozen ugly yellow turn signal lens to give away !!! That's a 66 Buick Electra 225 to you Jim, lol...

  • Jim Renda funny !!!

  • I love the Duece 1/4 you got Mike i just think you a little hard on Steve Miller Mike Mari Crookham LOL

  • Jim Renda someone has to do it... Lol