Photos from Steve Jones's post

Fitted the exhausts today. Looks and sounds awesome. Worth every penny.

  • Cool. I've got a GY12 ad well.

  • Looks good...but new exhausts = video footage so we can hear them bad boys...

  • Did you take off akraprovics??

  • No standard exhausts.

  • Taken by the son who spends nearly as much time on the bike as I do.

  • Looks cool

  • Look good. What make are they and how much? I'm on the look out for my 2011 Gen.1

  • Delkevic. £300.

  • Thanks.

  • I think it's too short.

  • Each to their own.

  • He likes them and that's all that matters.

  • It's my opinion

  • of course

  • They must sound throaty steve.

  • They certainly do mate . I'm well pleased. Tried to video it but the phone doesn't do it justice.

  • Got some scorpions on my 2012 steve love the sound.