• Photos from Steve Jones's post

    Belated Xmas present to myself has arrived. Any tips for fitting gratefully accepted.

    • I just fitted some Scorpions. Do one side at a time, put all bolts in place to make sure it all fits. Tighten.

    • Easy peasy!

    • I just put delkavic stubbys on mine . Slipped on easily . Put on loose the align up and easy peasy. I put a small amount of exhaust paste on connections to make sure nice seal ☺☺☺☺

    • Awesome! I want to change the cans on my Gen 1

    • Make sure you fit at the back

    • Hope they come with link pipes?

    • Me to or I'm fu**ed

    • Any concluding photo evidence yet?

    • Will take some photos when done

    • Whoa !! Luv em.

    • Don't forget to take the old ones off first