Photos from Stephen Sammons's post


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  • Nice! Wish I had one in white and blue

  • Nice , keep it white.

  • Thanks guys,and I have no intentions of ever changing it from white n blue,always wanted one of those myself too :)

  • In the group Kawasaki KDX & KX Riders Nationwide you can find Andy Cerone who just restored a bike like yours.

  • I think I've seen it (not sure of the name,but saw a restored one),I'll look for it either way though,thanks for the info :D

  • Couple more pics shot today during the1st half of engine break-in...

  • Question--is there some kind of o-ring or something in the gas cap lid? That thing leaks out every turn,every bump,etc (when full tank) :/

  • Thanks :) I didn't see this before finding one on Bike Bandits (ordered one)