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Everyone needs one of these.

Especially all you Drag Racers.

Only 94.00 free shipping.

They say a 20 OZ CO2 bottle will inflate 3-4 full size SUV tires.

I got my bottle filled today at Academy for 4 bucks.

Very handy to have with you at all times and very portable. Regulator will adjust to 120 PSI.

Attention: Bruce Siburt,Taino Attack, Ernesto Avalos,Daris Coxworth , Matt Lopez, Ty Wymore, Ju Lamar, Ben Knight

Brock Davidson ,Steven Wilson

Richard Ibarra, Bobbi Love-Leach,Robert Parker

Side note-

It came with a 20oz bottle but I also bought an extra bottle in the 24 oz at Academy.

  • Can take please a photo of the top of the bottle where the region sits?

  • Has the same valve as a standard CO2 bottle that you buy at Academy Sporting goods and is DOT LEGAL.

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