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Well after some machining mods to my BROCKS CT SERIES header flanges , I am about to install these BEAUTIES- WOW I sure wish I could find a pair of headers this pretty for my truck.

Although Brocks says they had no issues with the flange nuts only engaging 2-3 threads in the nut- I was not comfy with that, so being the good Machinist I am, I opted to machine a small

.100" counter bore on them and they work perfect. Please see before and after pics below. I spoke with Brock and hope He will add this step in his CNC MILL program for the future.

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  • Nice work

  • Thanks Brian Mack

  • Those flanges come a lot thicker than the Hindle ones for the Alien Head etc. I think I have like 5-6 threads showing on each stud with flanges installed pretty much like stock....great idea for the CT.....

  • Can't wait to see it installed

  • 2~3 threads is silly, you want to have full thread engagement.

  • I agree Steve but Brocks has not had a single issue with them , I was just not ok with that on my bike.

  • I think you could cut that back for full thread engagement without having any issues.

  • Did you not see the pics Steve? Thats exactly what I did, once I torqued them it was about 90% engaged.

  • Yes, what you did looks good and will work great!

    When I do these I try to have one thread (or so) proud of the nut.