• Photos from Shaun Copping's post

    year 97 UK

    • Wow It is old But in perfect state!

    • It's got couple of war wounds,only had it couple of weeks,was a ex training school bike the clocks have scrapes and cracks but will replace them :) going through it one thing at a time :) lovely smooth ride :)

    • Mine 1998 er5

    • Very nice

    • Welcome to the blue lounge mine is a 1997 too!

    • And mine. 98

    • Nice full fairing! thought it was a rarer colour haven't seen many,perhaps I was wrong!!!?? :)

    • A lot of blue ones in Denmark my friend.

    • Most common colour I've seen in England is red for the er5 I have two red so is my brothers. Looks better in the dark blue.

    • 99