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    Starting the restoration

    • I think the clutch just went out on mine.

    • What is it I have one in good shape out of the 80

    • The bike is a 79 KDX 400. I'm the furthest from a mechanic so that's really all the info I have.

    • Same as mine

    • I let a friend have it to clean the carb and get it running good and as soon as he got it running good he said he was riding it and the clutch went out. Bummer!

    • Here's my 82 450. Sleeved and new piston last winter. Not a restore, but went through the whole bike and replaced everything that needed it. Also swapped the front end with a 89 KDX so I would have a disc brake. Love this bike. It's such a beast!

    • Hey mate, I'm currently doing a 79 400 myself, I got a good tip from Tom Slover and Jeff fredett at frp offroad, i replaced the rubbish swing arm bushes with bearings out of a 89 - 94 kdx 200, bearings fit perfect, then you just need to make 4 approx. 2mm spacers either side of the bearings and it works great, a swing arm that will be smooth and trouble free for a fair bit longer than the bushes

    • Hi Shane. I have a brand new stock reproduction plastic headlight bucket for the '79 KDX400A1 that I chose not to use on mine. They've since stolen my bike and I have no use for it other than for wall decoration. Let me know is you are interrested in it.

    • I have the stock head light too thanks

    • So I spent $260 on eBay and I've started to receive the parts slowly, it's like Christmas