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hi guys, I have a problem. I saw that the coolant under the seat is finished. I had the same problem the last year when I bought the bike, but I thought that the last owner didn't put it. I've examined the pipe in the first picture because I know that he creates leak problems but the pipe is dry and also the spark plugs are perfectly dry and clean... I wanted to change them but they are like new.

Instead I found a green liquid where I show in the second picture.

I just changed the oil and I found just 3.1 lt. or 3.2 lt. of oil (the mechanic told me that he put about 4lt. ), so there aren't infiltrations in it.

I have put just 3lt. and the indicator is about at its max o.O

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  • Seems to me it could be the water pump gasket, easy job with a haynes manual