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This is my VN2000LT with a Trike or should I call it QUIKE KIT that I make it still uses the Rear wheel to drive it as these Extra wheels bolt on/off to give people with Balance issues or Disabilities the chance to still ride their BIG BIKES, What do you all think of my Kit with ( Hidden Suspension ).

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  • Yes I Custom build them for Anyone. And also know this, This Kit will fit anything from a Postie Scooter to a Full Dresser Harley type of Bike or Tourer,Trail Bike Etc and I Charge the same price for any/ All of the kits I make

  • My Kit has Adjustable mounts for any length/Width bike

  • Originale veramente

  • I call them training

  • it allows you to ride your beast awesome job on fabricating. The V2K has the power I enjoy mine. ..Ride safe

  • As much as I hate them being Described as "Training Wheels" I have to accept that they basically are in a Fashion!!

  • Great job... I like it. I developed an inner ear problem which causes me balance problems so I'm looking for something or as my doctor said I might have to stop riding. ... NOT gonna happen. Lol

  • Good to see some good old fashioned Aussie engineering :)

  • Price????

  • $7000 Fitted