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    Hi V riders. I tried to ride like my Asian friends in this group and hit a deep pot hole, which bent my front wheel slightly. Has anyone been able to tap something like this out without replacing the wheel?

    • A block of wood between the hammer and wheel is highly desirable; although a mate of mine beat a wheel back into shape recently with the back of axe on the trail side enough to re-inflate a tubeless tire. With that little ding in your wheel, I'm not sure I'd even bother with it.

    • Even if you dont repair it the wheel needs calibration

    • Remove rim from tire. Lay tyre flat on floor. Place rim on tire. Place 2x4 pine wood over effected area (bump). Warm with hair dryer for 5 minutes. Place wood over bum . Tap lightly with hammer until flat. Let cool. Take rim and tire to shop for resealing and balancing.

    • Aw fuck. Just updated chrome. It is cutting letters off sentence . Shi. Wood over bump. Not bum.

    • i think better buy new one.

    • No need to buy one. The repair is simple! Maybe even unnecessery. But balancing the wheel again is (just like when you but new tires) Or else the front will star to wobble at greater speeds

    • Scott - I don't know why some of these guys are telling you to replace the wheel, (inexperience?) but I have ridden a K75 BMW with a much larger dent in the front wheel for many thousands of miles with no problem whatsoever. If you take a look at the front wheels of some serious off-road riders, I'm sure you will see guys riding on much larger dents. I would be surprised if that little bruise on your wheel puts it out of balance enough to even detect on an electric balancer. Before folks ask, the answer is no, I'm not a mechanic. Just a guy who's been ridding around since 1966, who's done a pile of tire changes on street, dual sport and dirt bikes, including lots with much larger dents than you have in yours.

    • As u ride u learn...that's what I learnt fr riding...ride on ....

    • Minor like this will make u say...I don't go fast but I go everywhere...cheer bro.

    • It is all good advice. Thank you all. I think I will address it when I need a new tire since the bead is not in jeopardy. Teh Soon, I agree.