Photos from Ryoji Hirasedo's post

My treasure 1997 D5 ZX-11

  • Wow looks good!! What yellow is that?? Also what did you do with the light??? What other mods??

  • Beautiful bike

  • Sorry but what is zed? I'm not really good in English :)

  • By cutting the lens cut of the headlight I put the headlight of Cima Nissan.

  • Ryoji that's wicked!!!

  • What's it look like with the light on??

  • Zed is a nickname for the ZZR. I think it's because the letter Z is pronounced zed in some countries.

    Thanks for the picture. That cover doesn't look like mine at all. Looks great though

  • Mark Ni Bhrogain

    The state of the position

  • Mark Ni Bhrogain

    Light on

  • Roger Strömberg

    Okay thank you :)

  • Kill bill !!!!! I go the whole hog love the colour

  • I love this color:)

    My favorite color

  • I think they were zzr600 in kill bill could be wrong , nice to make zzr1100 version with matching samurai swords on the back

  • I think May be ZZR250

  • I thought the headlight was a gatling gun ! :D

  • this headlight name is gatling:)

  • I've needed the real thing out of an A10 Thunderbolt on occasion! Mmm, I wonder.......

  • Sorry doesn't do it for me, colour is ok but ot looks like a Hayabusea look alike