Photos from Ryan Winstanley's post


Thought I'd share some pics from yesterday my H2 full but and bolt resto

%d comments
  • 2-3 years to get her to this stage

  • Please get some green mirrors !

  • I know i know I'm looking out for genuine ones failing that I'll spray em

  • You can buy brand new genuine Kawasaki mirrors for the H2 from Cradley kawasaki web site.

  • Gorgeous - I'm about to restore an H1 - lovely looking bikes!

  • Did you manage to source the stickers for the respray or are the plastics original/painted?

  • All the decals are stencils then painted he even put an edge on it to make it feel original a few people have seen it and wouldn't believe it was all done in paint

  • Lovely job, get the mirrors if you can still get new ones. Once they run out your fooked, you'll struggle to get nice one then!

  • I've found em on a website £55 each I think

  • The KR1-S ones are about £75 a pair from cradley. I should practise what I preach, and buy some for mine before they sell out

  • I want to build an order up first for the nc30 project need a few bits for them