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Anybody need anything? 14r

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  • Are 1st gen and 2nd gen gas tanks the same?

  • Not sure

  • Hmm. How much would you want for the gas tank?

  • Shoot me a reasonabe offer

  • No 2n gen is slimmer

  • But will it bolt onto a gen 1 zx14. And will the clips all work and everything?

  • I believe so

  • Ok thanks

  • Do you have the headlights?

    And would you pack well enough and ship to Australia?

  • No headlights..

  • Shipping?

  • I guess i could

  • I need bottom panels. Not complete set. Just bottom panels

  • If you see it i have it

  • How much for all the plastic

  • 500 + shipping

  • Happy fathers-day to all the men out there. And happy mothers-day to all the Suzuki riders who still enjoy the wind on their vagina's. Remember, having a penis makes you a male, not a man.

  • John Vela Ray Swayz

  • Are those OEM?

  • Yes.. all oem

  • Ion need the whole fairing set

  • What's da shipping price I want the whole fairing set n is red the only color u have

  • I only have whats pictured

  • What year is it for

  • I have a 2009

  • Gen 2.. 2012 +

  • Damn I need a fairing set for 2009 if you know anyone let me know