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I need your help. My buddy is making me a combo luggage rack/driver's backrest. This will be for solo trips and will replace the passenger seat. He'll cut it out on his plasma cutter table and bend it so the rack follows the profile of the rear fender and bolt on to the four fender bolts currently filled with painted car interior panel clips.

I've never had a driver's backrest before. So I haven't racked up miles with one to know if the placement and feel while just seated on the bike will translate to optimal position after several nous of riding.

Can you all post pics of your driver's backrest setups so I can judge placement better, and tell me what you do and don't like about your backrest position/placement.

I've included pics to show the plan for the initial cut from flat steel, after bending with gusset and pad added, where it will bolt up and what bag I plan to use on the rack. It will be made from 1/8" steel, standoffs will be used to prevent fender scratching and it will be powder coated gloss black.

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  • Jim Renda

  • Russell I will hook you up I have a Mustang with drivers backrest and i have a Corbin dual Tour with dr backrest.

  • Hey, Jimmy, send me some pics. I like my stock seat but then again I may not know what I'm missing!

  • Or maybe you'd like one like that...?

  • I like that. It's very solid and comfortable. It's mounted with 4 screws to the original screw holes of the backseat mount.

  • where did you get that one Ralph Lehmann ?

  • This is Hepco & Becker John