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I might sell my baby.street legal original parts.and bike still on original is clean with few hours.never apart.

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  • James Paton you after one and u got loads of dolla

  • I wanna have both street legal new but yours too much for me !! Good luck with the sale

  • 650r Street legal

  • Nice

  • My buddy

  • That's awesome.

  • How do you get it street legal what is involved

  • What year is 04'? Offered 10k? Lol could make a bad ass AF for that price it's clean an all an 6Gs of parts on it ? Wow I would convert that right back into the great dirt bike it is for motocross trails hill climbs sanddrags etc. that's what used to use my three 500s for ther great all around machines don't you think two stroke road riding would wher it out quicker like piston rings an what not ahh guess depends how you ride rite but either way it's like that wonder if I could have that in Hawaii street legal ifso I'm interested in buying it ok I'm seriose I'm a real 500 man OG from Hawaii there only a handful of guys the ride not to mention race them bad boy toys I'm hooked I went from when I was 18yr old on a Kx 80 straight to a 93'kx500 then beat it up it beat me up then I got 98'kx500 an did some seriose racing in my prime time of my life best days ever with that bike then the best of the best came to me the 04'KX500!last year production so sad but had a blast winning all kinds of events trails track sanddrags you name it I was ther tryn at least not being pussie saying oh my bikes to big I hear that all day long then I jump on mine an show them what it can do a shut them down an up lol not bragging just saying how a great bike they truly are rigged steal frame an all there like tanks.;always need on in my collection or arsenal

    But if you can find out how much shopping prices are to Hawaii an it's decent we can talk numbers your bike will be in the best hands in Hawaii lol trust me that's a little collection of some dusty trophies from the five hundred out here on the northshore Oahu ya let me no when ur ready to talk business fir that baby

  • Location?

  • The parts aren't on it.they go with it.the bike is original never apart.i am in Canada.

  • Year?

  • I have a letter saying That​ it is the last one ever.2004

  • A dealer ordered in in for himself.thats why all the parts with it

  • The bike has very low hour's on it.i don't drive it much.prob 5hours sence I got it.