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Had the kx out today.

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  • I'm jealous. Registered on the road

  • ?

  • Awesome ride

  • Yes it is

  • My 99

  • can you tell me about how you did it. Is it aftermarket speedometer and headlight?

  • Baja designs kit.i use a GPS for was brand new never registered.or drove at all.f or ten years it was stored.i got it saftyed and registered it on the road

  • That's a good find. Mine is registered as off highway I wonder if I can change it.

  • Not sure.its hard to do here in Nova Scotia canada

  • I'm in Alberta . You've definitely inspired me to find out

  • I did a xr650r too .it depends on who you get at DMV.i had to try a few times

  • Where are you located

  • Brighton co

  • That's my dream

  • What did you do for a headlight?

  • Mike Applegate

  • Put a lighting coil in

  • Put original rear fender on looks nicer, looks like a old school 500 monster of a bike

  • I have the original rear fender with warning stickers on it now but you need hole's for lights.also.orignal pipe.and number pl

  • Show us a picture

  • When I get home